About Us:

We are a family-run business of woodworking. We create our hand scraped oak flooring, using exclusively carpenter's classical hand tools.

Throughout the manual distressing process, Antique Oak floors look as if they were actually made out of reclaimed wood. On the surface of oak boards you can notice blackened nail holes, artificial insect's marks and wormholes as well as other naturally occurring markings.

Along with hand carved, natural, opened knots (up to 80mm), splits and cracks, Antique Oak floor looks genuinely reclaimed and weathered.

We love wood and ancient tools. We love our work and the floors get good vibes.

Antique Oak floors are beautiful and robust. You will enjoy their beauty and soundness for many, many years ahead.



    width : 12cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm length: from 60-220cm
    (also suitable for under floor heating) : width-12cm, 14cm, 16cm
    length: from 60-220cm
  • variety of tins
  • protected by hard wax oil
  • custom made only, delivery time: approx. 3 months.